“If I die you will be the one to tell the world my story” Veteran Actor, Dave Ogbeni vows to spill what Junior Pope told him before he died

Nigerian Nollywood veteran, Dave Ogbeni has vowed to spill what late Junior Pope disclosed to him before he succumbed to the call of nature.

Since the tragic death of Junior Pope transpired there has been an enormous view of controversies among civilians including celebrities who publicised their views.

Dave Ogbeni is not an exception in this phase and he is quite different.

According to him, before the death of Junior Pope, he had foreseen him spilling his secret to him while they were enjoying some leisure time at an undisclosed location. He alleged that the Nigerian Nollywood veteran was willing to tell his story to the media before he died while also narrating that he was haunted by it.

He also added that the father of three opted that he was dying inside since December and was willing to open up to the media.

This emerged to be his last conversation after he drowned the next day he had confessed his flaws to his close friend, Dave Ogbeni.

Taking to his social media handle, Dave Ogbeni vowed to spill the secret late Junior Pope poured out to him at the favourable time.

His words:

“On the Day before the boat incident, Jnr Pope and I were drinking together after watching Arsenal/ Bayern Munich match, He said Dave I think it’s time I told the bloggers my story. I said Bro, it hasn’t gotten to that, we can settle this without the world knowing. He looked me in the eyes and said what do you mean, since December? I’m dying gradually and you’re telling me not to tell the world? If I d!e you will be the one to tell the world my story then and He D!ed the next Day. When it is time, I will speak for the world to hear”

Nigerians stormed all the social media platforms and reacted massively according to their views

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